Going to Sea can
literally change a life

At sea, the sky’s the limit

Great things are achieved at sea

Maritime training and experience are unique but proven ways for young people to gain confidence, develop self-reliance and learn important life skills.

You can’t sail a boat without commitment, teamwork, the ability to communicate and a willingness to face challenges.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped disadvantaged young South Australians to take up opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. Some had a physical disability; others were simply held back by financial or domestic circumstances. Often the changes experienced were profound.

Now we are looking to offer such experiences to even more people, and to expand our successful approach into new areas.

We can provide young people


Life at sea provides young people the opportunity to face and overcome fears and challenging situations — climbing a mast and furling sails high-up on a spar of a tall ship.


Maritime training and experience increases young people’s capacity to confidently rely on one’s own capabilities and judgements.


Being a good team player is an important personal attribute for life in general.  The opportunity to be a member of a watch on a ship is a unique experience to develop teamwork skills.

Career Opportunities

The Foundation works closely with accredited training agencies, e.g. Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy and the tall ship, One & All, to offer young people the opportunity to gain maritime qualifications necessary for a maritime career.

Who are we?

The Baxter & Grimshaw Foundation Inc., a registered not-for-profit charity, is seeking sponsors and supporters to develop an annual scholarship program and pursue other initiatives to suit individuals, schools and community groups.

The initial focus will be on offering:

  • sail training on South Australia’s iconic tall ship, One & All
  • maritime training for career opportunities, particularly through the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy.

Beyond this we will leverage our success and experience to take advantage of other opportunities, create our own new programs, and collaborate with like-minded organisations. At sea, the sky’s the limit.

With your support we can make a real difference. In return, we can offer marketing, branding and sponsorship opportunities. The Foundation is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office.

Success Stories

Hannah Fabig

Hannah, a cerebral palsy sufferer, was the 2013 Scholarship recipient who travelled with her carer from Adelaide to Melbourne on the British tall ship, Lord Nelson.

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